Text Box: Basic Cast Iron Kit

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SLS Hydraulic Multiplier

Installation Instructions - Cast Model


BE SURE your hydraulic pump and implement hydraulics are in good working order.


Mount and Connect the Multiplier:

Mount the Multiplier using the mounting brackets supplied.† Clean off any dirt & oil from the mounting location before mounting. The Cast Multiplier has an internal ground and becomes grounded when the Multiplier is mounted.† However, if connections are poor, or if the Multiplier is mounted on an implement, it may be necessary to run a separate ground wire.


Remove the plastic plugs on the side of the Multiplier and screw in two ORB fittings with O-rings. (Note: ORB fittings can be connected to either side of the Multiplier, simply move the installed shut-off plugs to the opposite side.)


Connect the Multiplier ORB fittings to the tractor hydraulic system using two hydraulic hoses with quick couplers (or thread directly in).


2.†† Attach the Control Handle:

Remove the knob from the tractorís hydraulic control lever. Loosen the 2 set screws on the Multiplier control handle clamp and slide the handle and clamp over the tractorís control lever. The switches on the Multiplier control handle should face away from the operator. Tighten the set screws.


Solder a 16-gauge wire to the RED wire on the Multiplier control handle.† Solder a ring connector to the other end of the 16-gauge wire.† The wire should be long enough to reach from the control handle to the tractor battery (12V).† Attach the ring connector to the positive (+) post of the battery.


Plug the connectors of two colored wires from the Multiplier control handle, usually the black and blue, into the connectors on the Multiplier coils (one wire per coil).† Each colored wire corresponds to a particular switch on the control handle (see diagram).


Connect the Implement to the Multiplier:

Connect the implement's hydraulic hoses to the Multiplier just as if connecting them to the tractorís outlets.† The hoses on the Multiplier may need to be switched from top to bottom outputs, or left to right inputs, for the hydraulic cylinders and control lever to work as wanted.


NOTE: If your implementís hydraulic cylinders are single acting then connect the single hose to either fitting of the Multiplier valve and plug the unused fitting.



Press one of the connected switches on the control handle and operate the hydraulic control lever.† The cylinder attached to the corresponding Multiplier valve will activate.† A switch must be pressed for the Multiplier to work.† If all switches are pressed, and the lever activated, oil will flow to all the cylinders at the same time, taking the path of least resistance.

Basic Cast Iron Multiplier Kit

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Each Basic Cast Multiplier Kit includes

 Two electric over Hydraulic Valves

 One molded heavy duty Duraprine Control Handle

 4† Heavy Duty sealed momentary switches

 8 Ft all weather 16 AWG electrical cable + connectors

 Mounting Brackets for Handle and Valve

 4 orb to pipe fittings for quick couplers