Text Box: Rocker Switch Control Box

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Rocker switch Control Box

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Each Control Box contains

· 4 heavy duty push on push off momentary switches

· 1 heavy duty Rocker switch

· 8 ft all weather 16 AWG electrical cable +connectors

· 1 heavy duty cast aluminum electrical box

SLS Hydraulic Multiplier


Installation Instructions – Control Box with Steel or Cast valves


BE SURE your hydraulic pump and implement hydraulics are in good working order.


1. Mount and Connect the Multiplier:

Mount the Multiplier using the mounting bolts through the valve (provided).


Remove the plastic plugs on the side of the Multiplier and screw in two ORB fittings with O-rings and hoses.  Connect the two hydraulic hoses to the existing electric over hydraulic remotes.  For best operating results connect the pressure hose to the top fitting on the Multiplier, the return hose to the bottom fitting (see diagram).


2. Attach the Control Box:

Connect the Red/Black wire and the White/Black wire the solenoid(s) of the electric over hydraulic valve you attach the multiplier valve to. Operation of the Rocker Switch on the hand held Control Box energizes one or the other solenoid direction which controls direction of the oil flow.  


Crimp a 16-gauge wire to the red wire coming from the Multiplier Control Box wire cable.  Attach to the positive (+) terminal of a 12 or 24V battery or other suitable power source. (See diagram)


Plug the connector of the black, blue, orange or green wire from the Control Box wire cable into the same color wire’s connector on the Multiplier coil.  (See diagram)


Crimp a 16 gauge ground wire into the connector of the white wire on the Multiplier (see diagram).  Connect the other end of this wire to the (-) Terminal of a 12 or 24 V battery or other suitable ground such as the frame.


3. Connect the Hydraulic Hoses:

Connect two hydraulic hoses with fittings (not supplied) to the Multiplier from the (tractor’s) electric over hydraulic valve that is connected to the Control Box (2a above).  For best operating results connect the pressure hose to the top fitting on the Multiplier, the return hose to the bottom fitting (see diagram). 


NOTE:  If your implement’s hydraulic cylinders are single acting then connect the single hose to the top (pressure) fitting of the Multiplier and plug the bottom (return) fitting. 


4. Operation:

If the hydraulic Control Box Rocker switch is activated, but no other white “push on push off” switch on the Control Box is pressed, the hydraulic cylinder connected to the Right side (“A” outlets on diagram) will be active.  The hydraulic cylinder connected to the Front valves (the “B” Outlets) become active only when its White “push on push off” control button is pressed.  With the Steel Multiplier only one hydraulic jack (function) can be used at a time. With Cast Multiplier valves a switch must be activated for oil to flow and all circuits can be active at the same time