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If more hydraulics are needed, but adding expensive remotes is not an option, an SLS Hydraulic Multiplier may be the answer.  The Multiplier re-directs the flow of hydraulic fluid from an existing remote to the hydraulic function(s) needed.  A particular function is selected by push-button switch.  The flow is controlled with the hydraulic control lever that corresponds to the remote the Multiplier is connected to.


The Multiplier is attached to the existing remote outlet with hydraulic hoses.  Hoses also connect the Multiplier to the different hydraulic functions. A control handle with push-button switches clamps to the hydraulic control lever and is connected to the Multiplier, a 12V battery, and ground with electrical cable.

A single remote outlet can be multiplied to up to 5 outlets per control handle. The Multiplier is modular, which allows outlets to be added as the need arises. Start off with a basic Multiplier kit, which turns a single hydraulic outlet into 2, then later install an Add-on kit when a new hydraulic outlet is needed.










The 2 models of Multiplier, steel body and cast iron body, have the following major differences:                                                                                                                                                                                                    Steel                                          Cast 

Total number of outlets possible per control handle                                                  5                                                 4

Maximum working pressure                                                                                              3000 PSI                                 3000 PSI

Weight                                                                                                                                     17lbs.                                         23lbs.Press                          2 (or more) buttons at once                                                                                         one outlet active                 2 (or more) outlets active

On the steel model:  if no switches are pressed and the hydraulic control lever is moved the Multiplier outlets on the smallest valve (having no solenoid) will be active.  The 4 switches on the control handle are used to select the Multiplier valves having solenoids.  Only one hydraulic outlet can be active at a time.  If two selector switches are pressed at the same time the Multiplier outlet farthest from the small valve will be active.

On the cast iron model:  a switch must be pressed before any of the Multiplier outlets become active. All of the hydraulic outlets can be active at one time by pressing and holding down all 4 switches at the same time.


USES: The SLS Hydraulic Multiplier can be used with almost any hydraulic system that is short of hydraulic outlets.  The most common use by far is on tractors, but the Multiplier has also been installed on tree-planting equipment and on truck hydraulics along with orbit motors to run jiffy loaders and bin sweeps.  Multipliers are commonly used to control bale wagons, swathers, sectional discs, seed drills, sprayers, hay cutters and cultivators with air seeder and markers.

FEATURES of the Multiplier:

Saves time:  press a button instead of stopping to change hydraulic hoses

Easy to install:  connects to your hydraulic system like an implement

Portable:  not permanently installed so can be easily moved where needed

No extra control levers:  added outlets are controlled with the existing lever

Saves money:

· less costly than adding remotes to your hydraulic system

· install Add-on outlets to the basic Multiplier as more hydraulics are needed

· mount the Multiplier on the implement and use less hydraulic hose


MOUNTING ON AN IMPLEMENT: When the Multiplier is being used to control an implement having many hydraulic functions, it is better to mount the Multiplier on the implement rather than near the remotes.  When mounted this way only 2 long hydraulic hoses are needed between the remotes and the Multiplier. Also required is enough 16AWG cable to connect the control handle on the hydraulic control lever to the Multiplier on the implement. Considerably shorter hydraulic hoses connect the Multiplier to the various implement hydraulic functions. You have the same control but with only 2 hoses and an electrical cable running from the remote to the implement.  This means less cost and clutter.  Leave the Multiplier on the implement and it’s ready to go after connecting only 2 hoses and the control handle.

Multipliers can be used as the primary hydraulic control unit on any implement having extensive hydraulic options. Mounting on the implement is especially attractive to equipment manufacturers who can offer Multipliers as an option to their customers whose existing hydraulic system is short of remotes.  Our Multiplier system can be customized to fit the customer’s needs, not only at the time of sale but anytime in the future.



Basic Steel Multiplier KitBasic Cast Iron Multiplier Kit

  A Basic SLS Hydraulic Multiplier kit

    - multiplies one hydraulic outlet into two

Each basic Multiplier kit includes:

-Basic Hydraulic Multiplier Valves

-Control handle with 4 commercial grade, environmentally sealed momentary switches,

-8 feet of 16 AWG electrical cable with connectors, and handle mounting bracket

- 2 mounting brackets for the Multiplier

- Installation instructions

Steel Model

Cast Iron Model

Basic Steel Multiplier Kit with one add on

Basic steel Multiplier with 1 Add-on kit

·    multiplies one hydraulic outlet into three

Each Add-on kit contains:

·    One Add-on valve

·    4 bolts (length depending on total number of valves)


Add-on kit must be stacked on the end of 2 valves of the basic steel Multiplier

Parts Available From Sls Manufacturers:

· Latching switches for orbit motors

· 16 AWG electrical cable

· Push-button switches

· Solenoids and coils

· Control handles

· Mounting brackets


· One year warranty on hydraulic valves

· 90 day warranty on electrical components

· 60 day satisfaction guarantee, or your money refunded


· Steel 23 GPM Cast 12 GPM output

· Steel or cast iron valve body

· Maximum working pressure: 3000 PSI

· Open or closed hydraulic systems

· Single or double acting hydraulic cylinders

· Power source: 12V DC (24V also available)

· Weight:

· Steel body: 16 lbs.

· Cast iron body: 23 lbs.

· Dimensions: 10.64” H x 6.5” W x 4.0” D

                 (add 2.5” to width for each Add-on valve

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