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Our Hydraulic Multiplier kits convert single hydraulic outlets into 2, 3 or 4 outlets. A push button control handle mounts onto your existing hydraulic control lever. Each Multiplier outlet is selected by the single hydraulic lever. Mount the cost effective Multiplier on a trac≠tor or directly on an implement and control up to 4 hy≠draulic functions with one set of hoses and hydraulic control lever. SLS multipliers work with any open or closed center hydraulic system having pressures to 3000 PSI and flows 18 to 23 GPM. Itís easy to install and stackable. Have Fingertip control for all func≠tions on Front End Loader with a three bank kit.

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SLS Hydraulic Multipliers

Convert a single set of hydraulic remotes into 2 or more sets of remotes with our stackable, easy to install Hydraulic Multiplier Kits.