SLS manufacturers Inc. is a small family owned and operated business which was formed in 1987 to manufacture and market our Electrically Selected Hydraulic Multiplier Valve Kits. This technology was developed by soon to be SLS designers in the early 1980s as a cost effective response to the ever growing need for additional hydraulic outlets for modern equipment such as air seeders, grapple equipped front end loaders, feed mixers etc. We are confident that the quality of our product and our price make SLS Hydraulic Multiplier Kits the best currently available.

623 Nesslin Cres

Saskatoon Saskatchewan


S7J 4V6

To contact us:

Phone: 306 783 5604 (Cell)

Fax: 306 955 0559

SLS Manufacturers Inc

SLS Manufacturers Inc.

Supplying high quality, Hydraulic Multiplier Kits since 1987.