Basic Steel KitBasic Cast Iron KitBasic Steel Multiplier with one add-on Basic Cast Multiplier with 1 add-onRocker switch Control Box

Price: $681.47 CDN

Converts one set of Hydraulic Outlets into two (2) sets

Basic Steel Hydraulic Multiplier Kit

Price: $2529.75CDN

Converts one set Hydraulic Outlets into two (2) sets

Text Box: Basic Cast Iron Hydraulic Multiplier Kit

Price: $429.58 CDN

Converts Basic Steel Hydraulic Multiplier Kit into a three bank Unit

Steel Add-on Kit

Price: $1154.05 CDN

Text Box: Converts Basic Cast iron Hydraulic Multiplier kit into three bank Unit

Cast add-on kits

Price: $214.00 CDN

The control Box being developed and tested for use with hydraulic systems using electric over hydraulic oil flow controls

Rocker switch Control Box

Price: TBA

In conjunction with the Rocker switch Control Box SLS is developing a directional controls that will convert, single acting (one way) hydraulics, to two way function or control the direction of an electric over hydraulic system on continuous oil flow

Directional Control system

Text Box: More details...

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